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Donations for Puerto Rico

Join and Support! DONATIONS FOR PUERTO RICO We are in need of the items listed in the picture, as well as Boxes to pack items (Home Depot - Small Boxes will do) NO CLOTHING! Please help and spread the word #WeAreQueenOfAngels
FLYERS & VIDEO - Share with your family and friends!

UPDATE 1/21/2020 We want to thank the following groups and individuals, helping us in getting the resources needed for Puerto Rico. Queen of Angels Church will be praying for you!
- Parishioners at Queen of Angels
- Alverlis - NetNY and the staff of CURRENTS
- Radio Maria NY (Spanish) - Staff Members of the Diocese of Brooklyn who shared the Promos - Woodside Herald Local News Paper - The Church Bulletin, Inc 
- Family & Friends of Sunnyside & Woodside
- Maddy's Puerto Rican Kitchen - Queen of Angels Friday Night Youth Center - Girls Scouts - Our Lady of Lourdes - St Kevin's in Flushing
Recent posts

Queen of Angels & St Teresa's Join Together for the March For Life

QUEEN OF ANGELS & ST TERESA Join together for the March for Life at Washington D.C. Friday January 24th 2020. We March to Protect and Support the Rights of the Unborn, for Families who need resources to build their future, for the sick, and for the elderly. Ticket is $13 / Space is Limited! Register Today.

Stay tuned for more on this post, for details, pictures, videos and more.

Join us on our Pilgrimage!

The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord - Thinking of Baptism for your Child?

THINKING ABOUT BAPTIZING YOUR CHILD? Before the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, the priests and lay leadership invite parishioners to consider bringing their children to Baptism.

Now is a great time to bring your child to Jesus through the . For more information, contact the Office of Faith Formation & Youth Ministry @ 718-937-5174. Sacrament of Baptism. Queen of Angels Church celebrates the Sacrament of Baptism on the First Sunday of Every Month. Visit our Rectory Office and inquire about Baptism for your child by speaking with a Priest, or the Director/Coordinator of Faith Formation. Try our Online Application Form by visiting our website


Our Christmas Journey, & more!

OUR CHRISTMAS JOURNEY doesn’t stop on December 25th - it keeps going! Join us for some of our most beautiful feasts during the Christmas Season! Click on the link to find more! HEADS UP! Want to learn English? Want to receive the Sacraments Baptism, Communion, & Confirmation? - REGISTER TODAY!

Volunteer Lunch - Honoring the Three Kings and those who serve at Q of A

Each year, our Pastor, the Very Rev. Brian P. Dowd, has brought a tradition to Queen of Angels, to honor those who served the years with Queen of Angels Church. We remember their dedication, and continued support of each member in our Catholic Community.

Parishioners who are Leaders & Volunteers can pick up a ticket for the Parish Volunteer Luncheon. Please remember: 1. You must pick up a ticket for yourself. If you are unable to come, do not take a ticket and give it to a friend. It is import that you return the ticket. You can give it to a member of your group who could not get a ticket - but call Mrs Tamayo (Parish Secretary) to inform her a member of your group is coming in your place. 2. One ticket per person, and you must fill out the Full Name, Address, Telephone#, Language, & Ministry. You cannot pick up multiple tickets for your group. Please help us to get the word out by CLICKING ON THE PIC, and saving it to your mobile device, and send the flyer through text or you…

The "Posada Familiar" - Preparing for the Birth of our Lord

On Sunday, December 15th, members of the Familiar de Nazaret - one of Queen of Angels Youth Groups, celebrated with families from our Latin@ community, in preparation for the Birth of Jesus. Leadership and parents put together a night of praise, worship, reflection, food, fun and games. Click on this video from Facebook.
For more information on Familiar de Nazaret, or Queen of Angels Youth Ministry, call 718-392-0011 and speak with someone at Queen of Angels Office of Faith Formation & Youth Ministry. #WeAreQueenOfAngels

New Guardians Angels for Queen of Angels Church

INSTALLATION OF GUARDIANS - Eight New Guardian Angels - Altar Servers, will be installed Queen of Angels Church, Sunday, December 15th at the 12PM Mass. Organized by Q of A Youth Ministry and the G. A. Team, lead by Jude Christian, Danny Cruz, Martin Cruz, Jules Fuentes, Jessica Peralta, Loraine Schmucker, Santino Jose Fuentes, Adriana Gugliucciello, Fatima Caravantes, Milagros, Anai Cruz, Tatiana Leon, and Sylvian Virvescu - these New Servers will be blessed and presented by Fr. Brian P. Dowd to encourage youth to respond to this Parish Service. The Altar Servers have been around for a long time at Queen of Angels, but 10 years, during the transition between Fr. Vincent Daly’s accepting his new assignment, and Fr. Brian P. Dowd becoming our new pastor, The G. A. Corp - Altar Servers were born. Three friends who served as Altar Servers, wanted to create a system that would encourage youth to grow in devotion to the Mass, and service to the Church. Together, with the Office of Faith F…