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How the Dreamers Club Started - Beginning of Queen of Angels Youth Ministry

By Juan Rodriguez I wanted to write down my thoughts of how "The Dreamers Club" started.  I am sharing this with you, because you may know of some leader wanting to start a group in their parish. I share it with you, because ideas for the group belong to the Holy Spirit and the Church. Even if a leader does not use the ideas, the methods of developing a group from scratch can be used in creating a Comprehensive Plan for a youth group, young adult group, or youth ministry. I am going to share it with the DHT Extension, because this group was created using the series "Renew Your Vision". The Dreamers Club is another experiment, showing you that the US Catholic Bishops and the leaders who put together the document "Renewing the Vision", were RIGHT! Members of DHT are excited by these writing, so we wanted to put it in action, helping to interpret the documents at a parish level. This post is just a draft - just my thoughts about how "The Dreamers Club&qu
 JOIN US FOR THE DREAMERS CLUB - Q of A Youth Group Online as we celebrate 9 Years of Service, and the beginning of Q of A Youth Ministry.  Prayers and Reflections will be on the Life of St Joseph the Patriarch, our Patron Saint. Begins at 6:30pm. Check out the Video. Sept 2 - DREAMERS CLUB YG Topic: Faith in times of Suffering (Genesis 37-40) ALEXANDRA BASTIEN - See her invitation! SAVE THE DATES! Wednesday Talks at the Dreamers Club in September 2020 Sept 9 - DREAMERS CLUB YG Topic: Hope beyond Captivity (Genesis 41-45) TONY VASINDA - Missionary at House of Broken Loaves Sept 16 - DREAMERS CLUB YG Topic: Love, as God loves you! (Genesis 46-50) - CYNTHIA PSENCIK Youth Minister of the Archdiocese of NY Sept 23 - CALLED TO BE - 6:30PM Topic: “Imagine Changing the World - Go Do It!” BR EDWARD SHIELDS - Vocation Director for De Lasalle Brothers To enter the Online Group Meeting - Click here to open GOTO MEETING in a browser or download the app.

Resource for the Needy: For those who live in Deanery Q2

Deanery Q2 provides resources for the homeless and needy families of Sunnyside & Woodside, New York. We also give to those in need outside of our Deanery. Here is a listing and details of Parishes, and Organizations: CHURCHES CLICK ON QUEEN OF ANGELS CHURCH : - Invites Parishioners and Neighbors to participate in their Food Drive Collection, every 3 Sunday of the Month, and during the Month of November. - We take up a collection, and sometimes receive supplies for Countries experiencing Natural Disasters - We collect donations for Children, Single Woman, and Families in need. (Pampers, Milk, baby and children clothing, etc) - We collected medical supplies and equipment (Canes, Crutches, Wheel Chairs, etc) - We collect toy for children during the Advent Season. - We bring food and toiletry items for Day Laborers every month. - We collect toiletry, and other items during the Lenten Season. - We take up a collection during Lent called the "Rice Bowl", to help t