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UPDATE! Prayers for our Pastor

PRAYERS FOR OUR PASTOR - Many of our parishioners have heard of the news that our Pastor, Very Rev Brian P. Dowd, experienced a heart attack in 2016. On Wednesday, May 29 th , Fr. Brian went into the Hospital to prepare for Bypass Surgery. The operation took place on Monday, June 3 rd . We want to inform you all that Fr. Brian is doing GREAT!  Here is a message from the Pastor:      I want to thank God, Queen of Angels, my family, our parishioners, and the Sunnyside Community for your Mass offerings &  intentions, prayers, and well wishes for a speedy recovery. Know that I am grateful   for you, and I will offer my prayers for you and your family. May Queen of Angels, pray for you! This is great news for our community! If you want to send him a "Get Well" Card, please send it to the Rectory Office. Click on the link If you wish to request a Mass Card for him, you can visit the Rectory Office @ Queen of Angels: 44-

We Welcome Sr. M. Godeliva Subyeki to Queen of Angels!

ANGELICUS NEWS - Queen of Angels welcomes Sr. M. Godeliva Subyeki, to share with us her work and vocation in Religious Life with the Daughters of Mary in Tabora, Tanzania. This courageous sister comes from a long distance to ask for aid in supporting her Congregation of Sisters in helping the poor, and the needy in her community. We invite you to hear her testimony of faith, and the work that has transformed the lives of so many people in Tabora. Spread the word to your family and friends who are interested in Missionary Work, and possibly in the Vocation to Religious Life. You don't want to miss her talk! For details about Sr. Godeliva Subyeki, check out our Bulletin - Click on the link below: Queen of Angels Bulletin Visit their website:

From the Bulletin Case - Mass Appeal!

ANGELICUS NEWS : Check out “Mass Appeal: The ABC’s of Worship. Find it at Queen of Angels - The Bulletin Cases inside the Church, and the Rectory Office. Limited time offer. Free will offering always accepted, but not necessary! # MassAppeal # LearnAboutTheMass # TheSacrificeOfTheMass # Mass # QofASunnysideNY # WeAreQueenOfAngels # SomosReinaDeLosAngeles # BrooklynCatholic # QueenOfAngels # ReinaDeLosAngeles # SunnysideNY # Sunnyside # QueensNY # Queens # SkillmanAvenue # SkillmanAveNY # SkillmanAve # StMary # SaintMary

Could God be Calling you to Religious Life?

ANGELICUS NEWS - Recently, Queen of Angels teamed up with m  to bring to you their Religious Ministries Guide for 2019 to 2020. You can find copies located in the back or side entrance near the Tabernacle - in the Bulletin Book Cases. These books are for teen, young adults, adults who want to more about Religious Vocations. Take advantage of this resources. Read some of th e articles to help you in your spiritual journey with Jesus. Share it with a family or friend that you feel may be called to serve as a Priest, Deacon, Religious Brother or Sister, and more! Let’s continue to pray for vocations of our youth and young adults. Remember, we are Queen of Angels! #WeAreQueenOfAngels #SomosReinaDeLosAngeles

Marriage is Beautiful! Reflections for you on Natural Family Planning

NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING - Queen of Angels Church is celebrating NFP Week. This is our opportunity to learn about the blessings of marriage and planning for the future. We will be posting great resources for your personal reading, and spiritual growth. We begin with a reflection from Pope Saint John Paul II: “[R]esponsible fatherhood and motherhood directly concern the moment in which a man and a woman, uniting themselves “in one flesh,” can become parents. This is a moment of special value both for their interpersonal relationship and for their service to life: they can become parents—father and mother—by communicating life to a new human being. The two dimensions of conjugal union, the unitive and the procreative, cannot be artificially separated without damaging the deepest truth of the conjugal act itself.” (John Paul II, Letter to Families, no. 12) # WeAreQueenOfAngels # SomosReinaDeLosAngeles # QofASunnysideNY # BrooklynCatholic # NaturalFamilyPlanning # NFP # Family # Mar

Getting Ready for the Feast - Queen of Angels

FEAST OF THE QUEENSHIP OF MARY - Queen of Angels is preparing for our feast. To prepare, we invite parishioners and friends in Sunnyside to join us in prayer, and in our celebrations. From July 21st to August 18th, we will be creating resources and promotions for our big celebration on Sunday, August 18th Resources would include reading, audio, and visual materials for personal study and spiritual formation, community activities, prayer nights, and more. Be a part of this great celebration! Remember... #WeAreQueenOfAngels #SomosReinaDeLosAngeles #QofASunnysideNY #BrooklynCatholic