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It Was A Dreamer Who Thought It Up... Using QR Coding at the Church

The Dreamers Club Youth Group - part of Queen of Angels Youth Ministry - has always pushed our young people to think inside and outside the box. Our Motto is always to "Be A Dreamer"... 

Imagine coming to Church for Mass, or for prayer before the Tabernacle or Sanctuary, and you find no Missalette, a Prayer Book, or a Bible. That's exactly what has happened to many Catholic Church in New York City - it left us with a sense of doubt. In a conversation with Amanda Dos Santos, and Lili Rodriguez, we discussed some of the ways we could promote these materials during Covid. It was Liliana who suggested to using clear projector paper, and print the QR Codes. All we had to do was direct parishioners in using the QR Codes before, during, and after the Mass. Parishioners would have the option of choosing English or Spanish.\You can find the Readings of the Mass, how to follow and respond at Mass and Holy Hour, How to pray the Rosary, and the Miraculous Medal Novena. We plan on adding more resources as these prayer aids can be a tremendous benefit for our Community. 

NetNY - Diocese of Brooklyn’s Catholic Network, did a very short report on Queen of Angels Church on the use of QR Codes. Feel free to share it with your parish leadership.

The Tablet - Queen of Angels Uses QR Codes to Spread the Gospel




CHURCH & TECHNOGLOGY: It’s called a Quick Response Code (QR). It allows the viewer to visit a website without having to type in an address on your web browser. For those who have an IPhone, or an IPad, open your Camera app and point your lens on the symbol. A grey bar will appear on the top of your screen. Touch the grey bar and it will open up your web browser, taking you to our website. The Samsung S6 and latest devices can do it as well. Give it a try. 



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